Rat traps on the wall
Rat traps on the wall

Need Rat Extermination in Your Blythewood Home?

Rats are often made into such cute images in movies and cartoons. In real life, they are very different. They are filthy and carry diseases that you do not want anywhere near your home. If you have a problem with a rat infestation, rest assured, you are not alone. Many Blythewood residents and business owners face this problem and are using one or more methods of extermination and prevention. Most often, one method is not enough. You will need to use a combination of prevention and extermination to effectively get rid of them. Rats breed at an extremely rapid rate which causes this problem to get out of control so fast. It can be overwhelming for a homeowner. They bring diseases and insects into your home that can be harmful to you and your family. You do not have to deal with it alone. Call us right away for an inspection and we will start extermination and help you get your home back from these filthy rodents.

Sanitization for Rat Control

There are several components when it comes to getting rid of rodents. Keep in mind, every home is a little different and location plays a part in the effectiveness as well. For example, urban and rural properties will be faced with different environmental factors. There are basic things that will play a role in the process no matter where you live. The first part is sanitation. Realizing that rats and other rodents have come into your home looking for food and shelter. If you remove the food source, you remove their incentive to enter your house. Make sure no food is left outside your home or in the garage. Pet food on porches should be brought inside and stored in airtight containers. Sanitization also involves kitchen clean-up. Being consistent with cleaning dishes after each meal and putting food in containers to store it in pantries or cabinets. You will also need to make sure there are no leaky faucets so their water supply is gone. This applies to the outside as well. All drains and outdoor pipes should be covered and repaired if they are leaky and grass and shrubs should be trimmed and mowed.

Rat Extermination

There are several commonly used forms of extermination for rodents. Traps are at the top of the list. They are non-toxic and very effective if placed properly. Our team knows how to think like these animals and will place traps in the correct locations and we will be there to monitor and empty the traps as well. We will also use the right traps for your situation. We primarily use live traps, glue traps, or electronic traps. It is important to use the right bait as well. Other methods are poison baits which can be harmful to pets and people so it is not the most used option. Ultrasonic repellents are a humane way to keep them away. They send out sound waves that rats do not like. However, if the rats are used to the noise they are not as effective.

Contact us for a free inspection and we will go over all of your options and outline the best plan to rid your home of rats. We also know that rodents bring snakes with them in most situations. Mice are a primary source of food for snakes so chances are, if you have rodents you will have snakes. We can help you take control of the problem and get your Blythewood home and your peace of mind back. We will also be there to clean up. Rodents leave a lot of droppings and an awful odor. From extermination to clean up and deodorizing, we will be there every step of the way. Call All Things Wild today to schedule your inspection.