Squirrel Damage Repair

Expert Squirrel Removal

There are many residents in the Blythewood area having trouble with squirrels. We are here to provide you with the best solution for removing these pests and keeping them away. Our services do not stop at removal, we also repair damages that these little pests create. Squirrels commonly chew on electrical wires to keep their teeth sharp. Their front teeth never stop growing so they will constantly chew. This can cause a dangerous situation in your home.  Call us at the first sign of a problem.

Our experts will come to your home and complete an inspection. We will also create a plan for trapping and removal.  We are experts when it comes to repairing damage caused by squirrels or keeping them out of your house in the first place. Don’t let these pest animals take over your home. Locating the entry point is just the beginning, we will use exclusion techniques to keep them out as well. Exclusion is a critical step to make sure you do not have the same problem again in the future.

Squirrel Trapping, Removal

Squirrels In Attic Blythewood

Many local residents call us about squirrels in the attic. Your attic is inviting. It is a dry, secluded and quiet area. It is perfect for mother squirrels to raise their young. There are also a lot of materials that can be used to make a nest. Your insulation, wires and belongings are all great options for them.  Research shows us that faulty or damaged electrical wiring has been the cause of an estimated  40,000 incidents of house fires annually. Fires that lead to property losses and possible loss of life. It is believed that more than 40% are caused by rodents chewing on electrical wires.

 We will safely and humanely remove the squirrels and the nests while trying to prevent any stress or injury to them. We do not want to remove the breeding mothers and leave the babies to die in your building. This can attract bugs and other animals. This can cause further health risks.

Squirrels in Attic

Squirrel Damage Repair

Once they are gone, we will assess your home in Blythewood for any damages the squirrels have made. There will likely be torn or destroyed insulation and nests. We may also find chewed wiring or support beams, braces and even electrical fixtures. We will also make sure they have not affected the R-factor on your insulation.

They can also leave behind urine teand fecal matter that may have saturated your insulation. As well as your drywall. We may locate holes in drywall or ceilings as well. Don’t allow these pests to cause these damages in your home or attic. Please call us as soon as you hear scratching or chewing in the attic of your Richland County home. Our team is trained to fix any damage that they may have done to your home.

Squirrel FAQs

I think I may need squirrel trapping?

The first step is to get the squirrels out, fast. These critters can cause a lot of damage quickly. If you see damage to your home, droppings or notice them on your roof, call a professional asap.

Do I really need damage repair and clean up?

Once all the squirrels have been trapped and removed you usually need damage repaired and clean up. The goal is to prevent any more squirrels from getting back inside. You also want to make sure there are no health risks from droppings.

How do I get rid of squirrels in my Attic?

First determine how they are getting in. Nest, can close off all entry points except one. Use this last hole to trap and remove any squirrels because you do not want to seal IN any of them. Finally, seal-up every gap, crack, or hole.